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Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

The Voices of MarTech

This white paper represents the Voices of MarTech, including the first-hand experiences of Australian marketing and business leaders who use and oversee MarTech (and its role) in their organisations.

This research was conducted by the Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Group from Swinburne University of Technology, sponsored by The Lumery.

In an industry that is full of overwhelming complexity, this white paper aims to explore the key challenges and provide a level-set for where the industry is currently.

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What people are saying...

"This white paper presents a comprehensive yet digestible review of the current state of marketing technology across the domains of people, process, and technology. It highlights the complexity that has emerged as a result of the incredible growth of the industry and the value it promises to deliver to businesses, noting much of this remains latent. Importantly, Stacks on Stacks on Stacks is not just an observational study – it presents a foundational structure of language, definitions and frameworks that simplify these complex topics, adding to the maturity and evolution of marketing technology in practice."

- Jason Bagg, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer at Catch

“MarTech is an ever-evolving and increasingly complex space. Consumer expectations are demanding more seamless and personalised experiences. We were keen to be involved in this industry research to share learnings about implementing and getting the most out of our stack and gain insights from other leaders.”

- Sarah Myers, General Manager - Audience & Marketing at REA Group

"A great snapshot that captures the mood in MarTech right now. A logical walkthrough of the issues and challenges that normalise the experience we’re all having, and gives a bit of confidence that we’re not alone. I loved collaboration over competition – as an industry where we can all help each other to progress the MarTech agenda, wherever we happen to be." 

- Elissa Ryan, Principal – Marketing Automation & Customer Communications at Telstra

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What's inside

  • Understanding the evolving landscape of MarTech
  • Common MarTech challenges and how to overcome them
  • Benefits of MarTech and how to sell the value into your organisation
  • In-depth qualitative analysis and first-hand experiences of marketing and business leaders